FreeStartr and WeSearchr Victories

FreeStartr and WeSearchr have had many successful fundraising campaigns, providing legal support for politically incorrect causes and support for projects could not find platforms elsewhere. (Links provided to FreeStartr campaigns, WeSearchr has been shuttered).

Successes include:

John Rivello Clarification Re: #FakeNews from @mattdpearce

L.A. Times #FakeNews “journalist” Matt Pearce smeared yesterday when he suggested that we stole monies raised for U.S. marine veteran John Rivello.

Rivello who has been accused of the first ever assault by GIF is defending himself from Japanese animated pornography enthusiast and fellow “journalist” Kurt Eichenwald in a criminal trial.

Disgusted by this misuse of the court system the WeSearchr community raised over $19,000 for Rivello’s legal defense fund. He has yet to collect it.

Pearce, who has ties to the discredited racket known as the Southern Poverty Law Center–an organization that has slandered our founder Charles C. Johnson– and recycles Antifa talking points, tweeted on July 4th that monies collected by WeSearchr hadn’t been sent to Rivello.

Being normal people — and not bloggers for hire for foreign-born billionaire and L.A. Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong — we were with our families and friends on Independence Day and didn’t notice Pearce’s slight until this morning.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rivello’s father repeatedly delayed in collecting the money owed to his son, something we have now rectified.

We spoke with Rivello’s father yet again today and have begun the process of paying out his son’s criminal defense lawyer. Rivello had not yet provided a completed tax form and address was left out. He has since filled out the requisite paperwork.

WeSearchr/FreeStartr is happy to send along the funds when the requested information is forthcoming.

We asked Pearce to provide proper context but he refused. Typical lying media. In other words, don’t believe the #fakenews even in small things.

Pearce should stick to such killjoy activities as policing people’s enjoyments of fireworks on the nation’s Independence Day. It suits him.

Stripe has De-Platformed FreeStartr

FreeStartr currently has lost the ability to collect funds for our creators.

  • If you are a creator and FreeStartr has collected funds for you, do not worry, you will be paid in full all funds that you are owed according to our terms of use.
  • If you have donated to a campaign, do not worry, you do not need to cancel the transaction, the creator will get whatever funds have been contributed to their campaign, also according to the FreeStartr Terms of Use.FreeStartr will be pursuing all available remedies to return to business as usual.

If you are a creator and want to get the funds collected on your behalf, to date, send a request (with a signed W-9) to [email protected].

We are busy developing another payment gateway solution, but it will take some time to bring this online. (Watch this space).

UPDATED Monday, June 18, 2018

FreeStartr on “Hate Speech”

A few days ago FreeStartr got an email from a reporter at a major outlet. The line of questioning seemed to be problematic in its assumptions, so FreeStartr has decided to answer here:

Email from Major Outlet:

I am hoping to arrange a phone interview with someone from Freestar about your promises to not ban or censor any fundraisers and how that works. Specifically, I want to talk about what if anything you do to ensure that hate groups do not raise funds on your site.

If someone from your press team could email me to arrange a time to talk, that would be great.

Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

Answer from FreeStartr

A better question might be why you use rhetoric like “Hate Speech” or “Hate Group” in a country that has as its First Amendment and highest principle, Free Speech?

The terms “Hate Speech” and “Hate Group” are propaganda tools used to end conversations that may contain ideas that some find offensive, so let’s start with the implicit assumption in your question.

The current media strategy of “news” organizations is to get some kind of concession about a “hate group” and then use a wide brush to paint anyone that the left (or the reporter) disagrees with.

FreeStartr assumes that some ideas are offensive–, that some projects are “politically incorrect” and that it’s exactly those projects that get kicked off of other platforms. Those projects have a place to go on FreeStartr.

The law says it’s illegal to libel or threaten people with bodily harm, and FreeStatr maintains the law as a standard. Words may offend some people, but thoughts and ideas are not illegal in a truly free society.

A better question is “does XYZ News actually support Freedom?” Your question sounds more like something from the Soviet Union than the United States of America.