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Lombardia, Italy

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Voxiversity is a series of educational video lectures by bestselling political philosopher Vox Day. Castalia House reaches tens of thousands of people through the medium of books. The ideas first […]

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Completed campaigns

Will Caligan’s Comic

This is a special one-week campaign designed to provide work for Will Caligan, a military veteran, a Christian, and a comic artist who was swarmed by SJWs and lost his […]

$58,871.00 raised of $7,500.00 goal
825 backers

Alt★Hero Volumes I, II, and III

A new alternative comic series intended to challenge and eventually replace the SJW-converged comics of DC and Marvel. Alt★Hero is a world not too terribly different than our own. It […]

$235,900.00 raised of $25,000.00 goal