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Alabama Special Election!

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The Alabama Special Election pits Establishment Luther Strange against Conservative Judge Roy Moore! Judge Roy Moore is the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. Luther Strange is […]

Location: Alabama

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The Alabama Special Election pits Establishment Luther Strange against Conservative Judge Roy Moore!

Judge Roy Moore is the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

Luther Strange is the former Attorney General of Alabama.

President Trump himself will arrive on Friday for a rally in Huntsville – I will be there in realtime to cover the event and interview Alabamians to show the truth.

Expose the truth! Show the facts on the ground of both candidates in the race

We’ve seen during recent months how blatantly dishonest the mainstream media can be, and now they’ve enlisted the help of their counterparts in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., to assist them in stomping out independent thought. The mainstream media and social media are on the warpath for anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them ideologically. I will go on the group to cover topics the mainstream media either lied about, or simply ignored altogether.

All funds from this campaign will be used towards travel and broadcast expenses to and from the Alabama special election

The total amount I posted here it open-ended. Anything not specifically used for this project will be rolled over into my next!


  • TennesseeRussian

    I’m not too far from Alabama(Middle TN) and would love to cover this. Unfortunately while I have the gas and travel time the best camera quipment i can come up with is my trail cams and they’re in use cause bow season starts Sept23 lol. I am going to be livif if Trump ousts Roy Moore for McConnels boy Strange. I would like to be there and try to ask some legitimate non biased questions of each candidate. I mam praying that the people of Alabama take off their Trump colored glasses and put on the MAGA lenses instead. If Trump travels the country convincing Conservatives to vote for Paul Ryan establishment guys I’ll tell Mueller I have my own Russian Dossier. The only explanation I can come up with is that Trump has to play very carefully with Mueller still gunning for him. I pray that’s it and not some Javanka liberal-dem love fest.Honestly I think if they had never fired Flynn and stayed on the offensive this presidency would be accomplishing a lot more in the way of justice for the Ameircan people, the victims of “dreamers”, the rust belt and forgotten flyover folks in middle, middle class America. Sessions is trying to do his best on immigration but Art. 4 Sec. 4 should be read by the white house briefing room to the press every day.

    Sessions otherwise seems neutered and ineffective. This is not 1936 – Marijuana has medicinal value, monetary value and is not killing people. It is not good for developing brains but neither is alcohol or cigs so people need to take responsibility for educating and raising their own kids.The dept of Education is a horrendous nightmare with commoner core teaching 45 gender pronouns, trannies, anal sex and islam – wtf country is this!?! We learned the pre-amble to the Constitution in 2nd grade and could draw an accurate map o the states by 3rd!
    McMasters won’t say islamic terror because he himself is an Islamic convert and globalist like Clapper and Brennan .. and Mueller and Comey. Kelly doesn’t like Trump and is probably the one spiking his diet cokes with whatever is making Trump’s speech slur. Kelly doesn’t back the President. I would back the president through fire and brimstone and give my life for him as long as he stayed true to the agenda. Bannon would too I suspect.but Bannon is a little self absorbed. Tillerson seems to be worried about life after Trump as if he isn’t rich enough.

    Like it or not ya dirty pedophile Globo-humping vampires – Populism and America’s economic heart is beating again!
    I am seeing a lot more American made products in stores again. Already quality tools, pet food and perhaps best of all American clothes. Chinese clothes are infamous for burning to nothing if a spark hits them. I wouldn’t wear a Chinese article of clothing at all at this point..I sell American grown food/produce in bullk – veggies mostly and hunt the majority of my non veggie diet- white tail deer, turkey and noodled catfish from the cumberland. N one starvesin Cumblerland TN. I pay more to buy local and buy American and if all of the heartland votes this way with their wallet an self sufficiency , we can devastate the Chi-com sellouts. I m starting a bee hive ext year not foe the honey but just to help the declining population. God Bless America, God Bless my fellow patriot. God Bless Infowars, Ann Coulter, Kris Koback, ET Williams , Doiamon and Silk and all of those Conservative Youtubers being censored for Vanilla Conservative politics. If we cant even speak vanilla politics in America the next step is to defend our first with our cartridge boxes and by god gun sales in America have been at an all tie high for the past 8 years, so my advice to the creep state is to back off or discover that a sucking chest wound isn’t something you just read about in military novels.A lot of us Conserrvative vets have been trained well int he 80s and late 90s to concentrate fire of the heads of various bureaucratic snakes and are more than willing to do it if a peaceful agreement cannot be made. With folks like the Bundies kept as political Prisoners. Jonathan Gruber saying thank God he American Poepale are stupid and Phil Mudd threatening to kill our president we may only have one course of action left so pay attention yall. Some of us old vets are old for a reason and would love nothing more to actually fight FOR outr country instead of for some idiot like McMasters wirh a god complex. We’re keeping careful lists of names folks and if a civil war kicks off its not going to be a bunch of fta rednecks with semi autos. We’ve been moving the right gear to the right people for the last 10 tears and training them too. This isn’t mean to be a threat but a WAKE UP CALL. Shulkin still running the VA? Lois Lerner not prosecuted after ADMITTEDLY targeting conservative groups with the IRS?. A whole lot more is about to come out on Bhengazi, and the Awan Brothers and Wasserman Shultz. I get it, that in the business world you try not to burn bridges and build contacts but president Trump you are surrounded by enemies. Your choices are cut them in half or be cut in half. This is war not politics so much…there is no room for negotiation until after an overwhelming display of un-imaginable physical force si followed through with. Only then do you get respect, Ie: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Fat Boy/Big Boy respect. We WILL force that respect again regardless of how many partiots have to die because this time we truly are protecting our Home Land from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC – KEY WORD DOMESTIC.

  • Andrew Deblasio

    Posobiec. Fuck off. Thanks.
    ~ The Right