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Not fo deh faint ‘heart’d

A Politically INCORRECT satire comic book and graphic novel about a little planet called Erf. Where the self-proclaimed, original sentient beings of the Universe reside. The Yats. Their tiny green […]

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Vivid Publishing Dreamkeepers

We’re creating Dreamkeepers- the Undisputed Gateway Furry Saga.  It’s a graphic novel series with a webcomic, games, spinoff novels- and we’re the only furry comic to be targeted by furries […]

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Omar Navarro’s Info-comics

The need: having taught regular and special education in inner city schools for 15 years, and having (briefly) lived in corrupt, do-nothing Maxine Water’s district, I was very excited to […]

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Rebel Yell Issue 1

A comic for Southerners. In an age when the South is under attack and cultural chaos looms, a noble man rises with a rebel yell. Rebel Yell is the realization […]

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Mnemonic Comics

Having taught in a inner-city schools (regular and special education) for over 15 years, I have long tried to shake people awake from the trance of victim-hood and cultural Marxism, […]

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Alt★Hero Volumes I, II, and III

A new alternative comic series intended to challenge and eventually replace the SJW-converged comics of DC and Marvel. Alt★Hero is a world not too terribly different than our own. It […]

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