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Summani Documents

I am Summani, founder of Summani Documents. I began writing out my philosophy in October 2014, on the day that an ISIS sympathiser assaulted Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Even with […]

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I write for a wide variety of publications: American Renaissance, Counter Currents, The Occidental Observer, Radix Journal, The Right Stuff, Social Matter, Thermidor Magazine, VDARE. Right now, I am blogging […]

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Terror House Supporters Club

Terror House Magazine¬†is an independent literary magazine¬†focused on nurturing and promoting the best up-and-coming writers of our generation. Founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2018 by author and journalist Matt Forney, […]

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F&H Writer Support

Help us promote a sane defense of European peoples and culture within the Church, especially the Reformed branch of Christendom. Our authors work tirelessly to maintain a steady stream of […]

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Q1 Midterm Election Report by @Ali

*UPDATE: ENDING THIS OFFER* My name is Ali. I’ve worked at every level of electoral Republican politics, and also in the conservative movement. I co-founded the national tea party movement […]

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Hostingz Accent

So you’ve found my profile via Google or searching Freestartr. Hello! About me I am the following things Web developer App developer Startup owner (2 or 3 if you count […]

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Roosh Boosters Club

Without your support, I would not be able to have a career producing content for men (and women). Unless people find enough value in what I do to make a […]

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Jerry Haywire: A Novel

The manuscript for Jerry Haywire is complete. The story is a psychological biography of a young sports agent who faces many life challenges. Will he be defeated or will he […]

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Donate to Regular Guy Guns

As a matter of pride, I try to produce all the content seen on (and it’s associated social media channels) in-house. Photos, videos, and the written word, it’s all […]

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Promote Liberty-Themed Fiction

I write novels that promote the triumph of the individual over the hive. And I particularly relish mocking and smearing statists. Unfortunately, there are scant few of us out there. […]

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