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Support Mark Feigin: Kamala Harris’ Worst Nightmare

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[Please watch the above documentary video about my case and situation!] Hi there, My name is Mark Feigin. I am a Trump supporter and proud gun owner. I was falsely […]

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Stay strong and never let the bastards grind you down! Mark's story of corrupt DemoCrap+Islamoshit lawfare is but one reason…  

[Please watch the above documentary video about my case and situation!]
Hi there,

My name is Mark Feigin. I am a Trump supporter and proud gun owner. I was falsely charged with threatening an Islamic Center over the phone in 2016 by then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris after writing a few Facebook posts that were critical of Islam. I am facing six years in prison — for something I didn’t do.

Since then, a Satanic cabal consisting of Kamala Harris, the corrupt Los Angeles Police Department, CAIR, the Islamic Center of Southern California, and the lying mainstream media has completely destroyed my life, financially and otherwise. The LAPD raided my home and took my legally-owned guns and ammo, which they used to portray me as a domestic terrorist to the lying media.
Kamala Harris, on the other hand, is now the junior Senator for California. Even worse, the media is grooming her to run for President in 2020.
The Islamic Center of Southern California, in typical Islamic taqiya (Islamic deception) fashion, lied to the LAPD to get me arrested. The LAPD then put their most notoriously crooked female detective (see the Laura Loomer documentary above), on the case, who falsified a confession from me.

I am facing six years in prison, but was told by Harris that if I renounce the Ku Klux Klan and the alt-right, I would receive probation reducible to a misdemeanor. I am half-Jewish and half-Catholic; why would I ever support the KKK? The campaign against me is Soviet in style: renounce your political ideology (which you don’t even ascribe to) and stay out of the GULAG. By the way, I wasn’t ever a member of the alt-right. I am a conservatarian (conservative slash libertarian).

These socialist animals can go fuck themselves if they think I will ever take a plea deal for a crime I had nothing to do with.

Michael Slawson, son of Democratically-appointed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John A. Slawson actually made the call to the Islamic Center that I was charged with! Slawson was never charged. Slawson has also been linked to threatening calls made to mosques all over the country! He was never charged! Instead, I, a Trump supporter, was charged with his calls and suffered all the consequences.

Slawson hired croney attorney Dominic Trutanich, brother of former Los Angeles District Attorney Carmen Trutanich. At court a few days ago, my attorney got our discovery motions denied (discovery is a constitutional right for criminal defendants). The corrupt judge in our case just denied our motion; Republicans don’t deserve discovery apparently.
The case against me is old school Democrat corruption on acid.
I need your help to fight these beasts, to get the charges against me dropped, and to get my guns and ammo back.

The LAPD used some non-threatening posts I had left on the Islamic Center Facebook page as probable cause. This is bullshit! Here are my posts:
“Practicing Islam can slow or even reverse the process of human evolution.”
“Islam is dangerous—fact: the more Muslim savages we allow into America, the
more terror we will see—this is a fact which is undeniable.”
“Filthy Muslim shit has no place in western civilization.”

“If one wants to see the result of Christianity, one can go to Rome and see beautiful architecture, art, science, freedom—if one wants see the result of Islam go to Saudi Arabia—you can see beheadings, subjugation of women – no art, no commerce, no science – Islam is a religion of death, misery and violence”
My posts are protected under the First Amendment. Clearly, the goal of the Democrats is the destruction of the first First Amendment and the Bill of Rights! Please support me so I can beat and expose Kamala Harris for what she has done to me and my family.
All funds raised by this campaign will go towards my legal expenses and my living expenses as I make sure that America learns who the real Kamala Harris is, and then to rebuild and repair my life after this lawless attack on me. This corrupt woman who tried to lynch me for political gain cannot be allowed to gain more political power!
Regards and thanks,

Mark Feigin

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