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Richard Spencer’s Legal Defense Fund

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I’m under attack. And I need your help. Some of the biggest, baddest law firms in the country are suing me, along with other prominent figures, in civil court (Civil […]


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Our guys in Austria are currently being sued as well. In response to this I doubled the amount contributed to…  


Nice start. We’ve got your back!  


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Cameron Naderi

Thank you for all that you are doing Richard! You have our back and we have yours!  

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Frivolous lawsuit - an abuse of process. All violence at Charlottesville was done by masked thugs, enabled by the local…  

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Go Spencer go! Even if you're not a WN or believe in the ethnostate anymore. (JF stream)  

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Consider watching a couple of Frame Games' videos - he's a Jew, and has PR suggestions. Also, we never /thought/…  


Destroying our communities, discriminating against us in corporations, universities, and local gov, teaching our kids about transgenderism. I've had it…  

I’m under attack. And I need your help.

Some of the biggest, baddest law firms in the country are suing me, along with other prominent figures, in civil court (Civil Action No. 3:17-cv-00072-NKM). They are going after those who organized—or, in my case, attended—the Unite The Right rally on August 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We shouldn’t underestimate the challenge of this lawsuit—and future ones like it. This is warfare by legal means, designed to be debilitating and consuming, regardless of the facts and regardless of the ultimate judgement.

The other side includes powerful firms like Cooley and Boies Schiller Flexner, as well as activist Roberta Kaplan and Karen Dunn; the latter was a former associate counsel to Barak Obama and was reported to be one of Hillary Clinton’s choices for general counsel. The Plaintiffs have not yet revealed the damages they are seeking, but we can only assume they will be substantial.

The good news is that the Plaintiff’s case is rather absurd and deserves to be dismissed—particularly in my case. No criminal charges against me for anything related to Charlottesville have been filed; indeed, no plausible criminal accusations have been made. The Plaintiffs’ argument is a “conspiracy theory? in the true sense of the word—that the Charlottesville rally was my secret plan to inspire violence.

The reality is that this mockery of justice is an example of “lawfare?—an attempt to use the justice system for personal destruction and political ends.

Put simply, they want to shut us down.

As Roberta Kaplan (unwisely) confessed on a Washington Post podcast, the purpose of the suit is to ensure that identitarian activists are intimidated from holding public events. How better than to take down Alt-Right’s most widely recognized activist. And we must be realistic. Lawfare like this will not stop with Charlottesville. Our adversaries don’t just want to stop large public rallies; they will likely ultimately go after any expression of White identity, or really any expression that challenges hegemonic discourse.

Knowing what the Plaintiffs are trying to accomplish, my strategy, up to this point, has been to defend myself pro se. I have invested my own time and energy, but not depleted funds.

It is now time for me to lawyer-up. And I’m asking for your help.

As has been reported, I had a terribly difficult time finding a proper representative—someone who is licensed in Virginia, adequate for the job, and willing to represent one of the most controversial men in the country (namely, me).

I have now found such a man. And I have already begun the initial engagement with my own funds. I’m raising $25,000 for him to represent me at the trial (and beyond if necessary).

A May 24 deadline approaches, when Judge Norman Moon will hear the various motions to dismiss. I want my lawyer to speak on my behalf.

Your contribution is not a donation to The National Policy Institute, or any other organization I’m involved with, nor is it a personal gift that I could use at my discretion. One hundred percent of the funds (minus the fees, of course) will be used for my legal defense. And I will document this for contributors. If the case is dismissed (which is certainly possible), the money will be saved for future legal defense on my behalf.

I will not abandon our cause. I will continue to be outspoken and bold. We have to win this right here and right now. We cannot let the precedent be set that dissidents can be financially destroyed if enough well-connected and influential lawyers and activists deem it desirable.

Throughout my career, I’ve only raised money for institutions and projects that raise consciousness and bring new ideas to the mainstream. Today, however, I’m calling on you for help. I’m being attacked by powerful people, and we must respond. Losing this case would be catastrophic—particularly when we the truth is on our side.

With gratitude,

Richard Spencer

P.S. If you would like to donate by crypto currency, my Bitcoin address is:



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