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Kiwi Farms

The Kiwi Farms is a contentious Internet webforum with a 5 year long history. According to Alexa, it is one of the top 14,000 sites in the entire world. Every […]

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Le 56% Podcast

I’m looking to start an Amerimutt/Le 56% Podcast. It will be a Pro-White podcast from an off-white perspective. Also, an interactive podcast because it will be a live Podcast taking […]

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Twitter to Gab Mirror

We post tweets from your favorite accounts on Twitter over to Gab. To see some of our work, check out: Ann Coulter Tweets James Woods Tweets Scott Adams Tweets Right […]

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Write With Courage podcast

Thor’s Write With Courage’ podcast  (also on iTunes etc) brings you some of today’s most exciting writers, thinkers, and speakers, including;  Dilbert creator Scott Adams, Historian Niall Ferguson, Writer Peter Hitchens, Spiked Online’s […]

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Summani Documents

I am Summani, founder of Summani Documents. I began writing out my philosophy in October 2014, on the day that an ISIS sympathiser assaulted Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Even with […]

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Great Britain has become a Police State for those of us who are speaking-out against injustice and the Islamification of the country. In order to protect Based Amy from being […]

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Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund

On Friday, May 25, 2018, Tommy Robinson was jailed for 13 months in a summary hearing after live streaming in front of the High Court in Leeds, England. This campaign […]

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